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Our Sailing Tours

Here is a sampling of media coverage on Emerald Isle's tours with excerpts. For the full article just click on the image.


Islands Magazine
Wild Calls
March 2014

Each fall, when salmon answer the call to breed, Nawalak's owner, Dave Lutz, carries small groups deep into the Great Bear. Here, a spectacular congregation of wildlife is attracted to more than 2,000 streams. We're among that life. Read Full Article here

Urban Backpacker
Sailing Charter – Best In The Pacific Northwest
October 2013

I absolutely love sailing. I used to own a sailboat in San Diego when my daughters were little. We went sailing every weekend in Mission Bay, and then out to the big ass deep blue water that scared me just a little. I haven’t been certified as a sailing expert. The sailing certification license is... Read Full Article here

Journey Western magazine
Secret San Juans: Emerald Isle Sailing Charters explores the remote sides of Puget Sound
April 2011

On Orcas Island, Capt. David Lutz brings seafaring dreams to life aboard Na'Walak, a graceful ketch he sails out of Deer Harbor. The 54-foot vessel, whose name means "Spirit of Nature" in Kwak'wala, lives up to it handle with a wind generator, solar panels, a silent electric dingy that's perfect for close-range wildlife watching, and the crew's respect for a fragile ecosystem. Read Full Article here

425 magazine
Hidden Jewels of the San Juans: Other islands to explore
April 2010

There's nothing but your imagination standing between you and a cruise tailored to your lifestyle. If it's legal, safe and eco-friendly, Captain Lutz can match your cruise to your whims, whether it's and over-the-top romance cruise, complete with candlelit beach dinners, strolling musicians, rose pedals and plenty of privacy, or a meditation cruise for yourself and a few kindred spirits. Read Full Article here

Harbors magazine
Majestic Hidden Islands
Fall 2010

Three islands - Orcas, San Juan and Lopez - draw the bulk of the visitors to the San Juan Islands, which stands to reason: they offer stunning scenery, virtually all the hospitality services, ferry docks and airports. But 172 islands - not three - make up this archipelago, easily one of the worlds most scenic. Although the San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge contains 83 of them, most of which harbor wildlife breeding colonies off-limits to humans, and several other islands are protected as the San Juan Island Wilderness, many of the off-ferry-route islands do welcome Homo spians. In these hidden San Juans, discovery awaits us in the form of abundnt wildlife, lush forests, secret coves and prestine beaches, with evidence of human habitation going back hundreds of years. Read Full Article here

Well Bella magazine
Cast Off Your Cares: The pristine San Juan Islands, just off the washington coast, offer an escape from the huslt and bustle of everyday life
April 2010

From the moment you board the San Juan ferry and start to glide across Rosario Strait, your gnawing desire for escape begins to calm. The deep jade channels, the twisted madrona trees, the salty wind in your face—all whisper a promise. That's the magic of these emerald gems that seem to float in protected waters on Washington's border with British Columbia. Read Full Article here

Lodi News-Sentinel
Three Lodi Couples Hike, Sail San Juan Islands
November 2010

In September, three Lodi couples — Jack and Sheila Dunn, Dennis and Linda Sattler and Kent and Connie During — traveled to the San Juan Islands via airplane and seaplane for a four-day sailing trip around the islands. After touring Orcas Island and getting a restful night sleep and sumptuous breakfast at the Inn at Orcas Island in Deer Harbor, they boarded a 54-foot catch named Na'walak, which means "spirit of nature." Its owner and captain, Dave Lutz (Emerald Isles Sailing Charters), navigated the waters expertly and served as the knowledgeable naturalist on the afternoon island hikes. Good thing there was no sea sickness, because the food prepared by the chef was outstanding — and there was plenty of it. Read Full Article here

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