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The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain Forest


by Ian McAllister


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Documenting the lives of a genetically distinct pack of wolves through firsthand observations, captivating photos and rare video footage on DVD.

For seventeen years, Ian McAllister has lived on the rugged north coast of British Columbia, one of the last places on the planet where wolves live in an undisturbed way. This book describes McAllister's experiences over that period following two packs of wolves, one that dominates the extreme outer coastal islands separated from miles of open ocean and another pack that lives further inland in the heart of the temperate rainforest. For the first time ever, the unique behaviour of these animals is documented in words and pictures as they fish for salmon in the fall, target seals hauled out on rocks in winter, and give birth to their young in the base of thousand year old cedar trees. He also describes the work of scientists who are studying the wolves and how their science corroborates his own observations and the traditional knowledge gleaned by First Nations people from the area for centuries. Most interestingly, the results of these studies reveal a genetically distinct population of wolves independent of and separate from all other known wolf populations on the planet.

These wild wolves have been remarkably undisturbed by humans for centuries. They are utterly dependent on the vast stands of old-growth forest and the pristine marine environment that form their home. As humans log the forests and establish fish farms on the north coast, however, this environment, and the wolves themselves, are increasingly threatened.

McAllister's compelling text is augmented throughout by over 100 of his stunning photographs of the wolves and their rain forest home. The book also includes a DVD showing rare footage of the wolves catching salmon and interacting with other denizens of the rain forest, as well as wolf pups at play. The result is a first-ever and very intimate look at these unique animals.

A founding director of the Raincoast Conservation Society, Ian has spent 20 years working to conserve BC's temperate rain forest. He is the author of The Great Bear Rainforest as well as an award-winning photographer and film-maker. Ian has received a number of accolades for his conservation work, including the Rainforest Action Network "Rainforest Hero" award and the Vancouver Island Human Rights Award. Ian was honoured by the Globe and Mail as one of 133 highly accomplished young Canadians, and he and his wife, Karen McAllister, were named by Time Magazine one of the "leaders for the 21st Century" for their efforts to protect BC's temperate rain forest. Ian lives with his family on Denny Island in Whiskey Cove, BC in the heart of Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.



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